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My Dad started Drager’s Harley-Davidson in Aberdeen, Wa. in 1934. Drager’s moved to Bremerton and eventually to Seattle in 1950.

When I came along in 1942 we lived over the shop. I started working full time in 1960. Since I was 8 years old, I always had motorcycles to ride. My first car was a 1951 Mercury coupe that was a trade-in on a motorcycle. I bought my first classic car about 1970. It was a 1935 Packard Super 8 dual side-mount 4 door sedan. I bought it sight unseen and drove to southern California where I found it with 3 flat tires. It was a long way towing it home. That started the interest and I bought more cars like the custom '54 Vette that I should never have sold. I knew I would never restore the “35 Packard, so when a time came that I needed money, I sold it with some other cars. I just kind of kept buying and selling my cars and made it into a full time business.

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I use to sell a lot of toys, bicycles, pedal cars, signs and automobilia. I did a lot of '64 1/2 to '66 Mustangs and a lot of '55-56-57 Chev's. In 1986 I bought a new building where I did almost exclusively classic cars, however to this day I still do a few bikes.

I have sold many cars 2 and 3 times. I have yet to buy and resell the same car 4 times. I'm sure that will happen. I wish I could buy them back for what I sold them for. As you know, if maintained, they just keep going up and are getting very hard to find now.

In 2000 I bought my present location which gives me the ability to keep all my cars under cover. Now I really watch what I buy. I want only very nice cars and trucks. I have several of my old motorcycles on display and I'm buying and selling more motorcycles. We have a great outside fenced area with lots of parking, even grass. My son Andrew now works with me.

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