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A Stuning Automoblie You Would Be Proud To Own

Beautiful triple black Super Sport convertible. I have been all over this Chevelle. I’ve driven it and I have to tell you this is the kind of car you always want to find. To be black it has to be straight and it is. You don’t want any rust and I could not find any or signs they did any repair work. Super clean. Even the underside is like new. Check out the underside photos. This is the real thing. A real #138667 Super Sport Convertible. Built in Fremont CA. Has rare cold blowing factory “AIR” conditioning. When was the last time you saw one with factory air? The Foose 17” wheels really set off this SS. Old School Garage just did the service and safety check. 327 V-8 engine with a 4 barrel carb. The casting # 3782870 = ’62 to ’65 which verifies the 327 V-8 engine. We don’t know when the engine was replaced, it may have been done under warranty at the dealership. Engine compartment is show. Power glide transmission. Power steering. New brakes and tires. The back seat is original and we redid the front seats to make them like the rest of the Malibu. The manually operated black top is almost new. Trunk is excellent. It was a yellow car but sure looks better in black. I bought this car with it showing 50,057 miles. It looks like a 50,000 mile car but I’m selling it as unknown miles even though I have an actual signed mileage statement. I’m not sure I can say enough about how sharp this Malibu is. It’s a “must see in person” vehicle. Make sure you watch the video and check out all the photos. We would be more than happy to put it on our hoist for your inspection. Cond. 2+.

Vin: #138675Z124538
Price: Sold
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