LeMay Car Show 2012

Jeri Drager Posted Jun 30 2017

LeMay 35th Car Show 2012

You need to go in person to see this great collection

If you ever get the chance you owe it to yourself to see the LeMay Family Collection. Harold collected all sorts of things. You will find a very small motorcycle to a very large truck and all sorts of things in between. Harold LeMay had the largest car collection in the world that was privately owned. The location is beautiful. What you are about to see is my walk around tour of the 35th LeMay annual car show at Marymount. The museum is open Tuesday through Sunday. Go to their webpage http://www.lemaymarymount.org where you can find a lot of information and what is happening. This is not the Lemay American Car Museum, that is not far away. http://www.lemaymuseum.org/ There was a lot of activity. A car show, swap meet, car auction and other displays. The LeMay house is open once a year for viewing and I did not have time to take that in. I sold Harold a beautiful Plymouth PB roadster that he had at his house and I wanted to go see if they still had it. I hope you enjoy my walking photo tour. Jeri Drager

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