Evel makes a jump in Twin Falls Idaho in 1972


Most everyone knows the name Evil Knievel. Growing up in the motorcycle business I got to see Evel make several jumps over the years. He was fun to watch and was a great showman, I remember seeing him on Johnny Carson. I have a good friend, Larry Anderson, that grew up in Twin Falls. Larry's dad lived in Twin Falls until he died. When Larry was cleaning out his dad’s house he found an amateur film reel that his Dad had taken.  On the outside it said Evel Knievel, 1972. Larry knew I have a small collection of Evel Knievel things and he gave me the film. I took it to Costco and had it converted onto a DVD, so that we could see what was on it. It started with a motocross race that Evel promoted in Twin Falls. When I was watching the video it was mostly showing the motocross, but toward the end of the video there was Evel on his motorcycle heading down the track and up onto the ramp.  Then it showed him back on the track, heading for the ramp and he made a jump over approximately 10 cars. It took all of about six seconds but it was still fun to see. He drew a tremendous crowd for his attempted jump of the Snake River Canyon in Twin Falls, Idaho. We were just in Twin Falls and when you go over the bridge into Twin Falls you can see the launch ramp where Evel attempted to jump the Snake River Canyon. We made our way over to the jump site and walked up onto the mound. That is all that’s left, as the launch assembly has been taken down. It was really interesting to see this site. I hope you enjoy the photos and video.

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