1942 H-D Bobber

1942 Harley-Davidson Restored Custom Bobber

Great Show Bike and it Runs as well as it looks 1942 HARLEY-DAVIDSON FLATHEAD 45.   # 42WLA69679.  I like this bike. It's just fun to look at. I took this bike in on consignment and almost sold it. 
From the first day I wanted to add this bike to my collection. I had it advertised and I had a almost buyer. The buyer needed about $2,000.00 to have the money to buy it. I called Rob and told him I had a possible buyer but I really wanted to buy and keep the bike for myself. I asked Rob what he could do on the price as it was more then I wanted to pay. Rob gave me a price brake so I bought the bike. The other end of the story I never heard from the possible buyer. 
This bike would look great in anyones garage but even better in an office or the company's foyer. The look and the workmanship are outstanding. This is how 50's bikes where set up in the early 50's. They were called Bobbers and Squirrel bikes. Clean and simple. It's set up to ride. Check out all the info below.  OEM H/D 45 solo frame, repro front forks (fully disassembled and properly re-fitted), h/bars (NOS switches) and h/lamp with NOS Guide lens.
Engine:  NOS crankcases, cam cover, cylinders and alloy heads.
                New Truet & Osborn 5/8" stroker flywheels trued and balanced
                Cylinders honed .010" for a displacement of approx 900 cc's or 54ci.
                NOS connecting rods, crankshafts and crankpin
                NOS bearing rollers and cages
                NOS oil supply and scavenging pumps, modified breather rotor for stroker
                New Arias forged aluminum pistons and lightweight pins
                Cylinders ported and relieved per period H/D factory racing specs
                NOS H/D exhaust valves, lightened
                New 235 Chevy 6-cylinder inlet valves (oversized), lightened, modified stems
                Hardened valve seat inserts
                NOS roller tappets and tappet blocks
                NOS valve springs
                Stock cams reground to street performance grind by Jim Leinweber w/ new pinions
                Assembly fully blueprinted with tightened piston-to-head squish clearance
(increased throttle response)
                Belt drive primary, OEM oiler closed off, Big Bearing roller bearing kit in clutch
                NOS exhaust headers, repro muffler
                New Morris magneto w/key switch
                New 12 volt generator w/ electronic voltage regulator
  Trans:    3-speed w/reverse (for possible side car use) ALL NOS H/D, case, covers, all internals etc. 
  Hubs, brakes, etc. all new NOS H/D or restored excellent used H/D. Wheel rims are new polished alloys w/ 
                 polished s/s spokes and nipples. New Dunlop K70 tires 3.50-19 and 4.00-18. Tanks are new repro, and are actually better quality than H/D originals.  NOS 'Streck' caps. Repro dash w/ restoredcorrect 
                OEM H/D speedo. Repro solo seat with NOS seat post, bushing and spring pack. Rear chain must be oiled 
                by hand. OEM auto oiler blocked off to prevent nasty oil mess. Fenders custom made from '36 Ford spare 
                tire cover band.  Old school bobber style. NOS 50's Sparta tail lamp. Bike is painted in PPG Concept 
                urethane. Over $25,000 in parts, 3+ years in labor.  Major attention to detail, with proper fitment and  assembly is overwhelmingly evident on this motorcycle. All receipts and build infoare included. 
                Cond . # 1-.


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