Just a Fun Old Farm Truck This is an all stock, all steel pickup with a flathead engine with a 3-speed transmission. Its had a lot of money spent on it. 5 new wide-white Coker tires. The wheels were stripped and repainted to match the PU. Complete new exhaust system. New gas tank. New water pumps. Very solid with a couple of minor spots. Engine runs good. The clutch is a little grabby. The speedo works as do all of the gauges. The temp reads hot, but its really normal. The flathead does not overheat. I drove it in heavy traffic and the gauge showed hot. When I got back, I left it running and took my time (5 minutes or more) then used my heat gun. The radiator was 176 degrees. I have been trying to buy this PU for over 2 years. Now I have it. Its a 2 family owned PU. The first family that bought it lived in the Williams, California area and was handed down throughout the years. One of the family members brought the PU to Washington and my friend bought it. He is the one that put all the new things on and did a lot of work to it. He did not do any restoration other than wheels and tires. I have been driving it and plan to take it to the Greenwood Car Show this Saturday (6/28/08) with my 1928 Harley in the back. I get a lot of thumbs up driving it around. This is not a freeway truck, it really runs well in the 45 to 50 MPH range. On Sunday I took the 40 to another show about 25 miles away, about 20 miles on the freeway, and was it hot. I ran it between 45 & 50 out and back and I even went a good 30 miles on the freeway on the way back at 50. I think the speedo was reading slow and we were really going closer to 60 mph. It was 90 degrees that day and not an ounce of overheating. The gauge is off, so I may add a new temp gauge under the dash. Now if you want a like new PU this is not it. Im not sure if there is any rust at all. The paint is old. It has some chips and the body work could have been better before they painted it 20 - 30 years ago. Note the rear window in the photos. I think its original glass. I moved the seat to take photos of the metal, and what I found, I left. See the photo, it just shows you that it was an old farm truck. If you like all these things and want a great drive around rig, and youre in no big hurry you have to love this PU. cond. # 3-. \r\n\r\n


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