There is plenty to see at Drager’s Clubhouse. When I set up the Clubhouse, I put in a great sound system and big screen TV. Then I decided to add a stage. Why not? We have lots of parking here. The walls have photos, posters, neon signs, porcelain signs, and even a set of Texas longhorns my dad bought back in the 60’s. Lots of old motorcycles, pedal cars and toys to see.  It’s almost a museum.  It’s best to see in person (just give us a call we would love to have you – 206.533.9600 Jeri or Andrew) Check out the photos and some of the good times we’ve had at the Clubhouse.  We are always adding more things, we just bought another old Coke machine. Set up a date to have your car club come for a tour. Enjoy! Andrew, Jannah, Joan, Kimber, and Jeri.