My name is Terry Thomas. I had been searching for a 1st generation Camaro for many, many years but never could find the right combination of color, options, condition, and price. Well, all that changed in the fall of 2021 when I came across an ad in for a beautiful Island Teal 1968 Camaro SS 350 for sale at Dragers International Classic Sales in Burlington, Washington. I inquired about the car and exchanged several texts & emails as well as many phone calls with the owner Jeri, and his son Andrew. They were extremely helpful and responded to my questions with information and pictures as well as even sent me a few videos of the car.

Before deciding to make the trip up to Burlington Washington from my home in Baton Rouge Louisiana, I enlisted the help of a third party independent inspector by the name of Dan Jube - a local classic car expert with many years inspecting and appraising classic cars as well as also judging such vehicles in numerous car shows. His inspection and subsequent praise of the vehicle and the professionalism of these two gentlemen convinced me to take the chance and book the flight.

The show room at Drager's is worth the trip alone for those who love classic cars and associated memorabilia. The size and scope of his collection is beyond belief. Andrew met me at the door and showed me to the car. The 1968 Island Teal SS was in great condition. I was encouraged to take my time and I inspected from head to toe, they even put it up on a lift for me so I could inspect the undercarriage. Let me say that without a doubt it did not disappoint. After we took it off the lift, I took it for an extensive test drive along with Andrew where the car continued to impress me even more. It looked great, it handled very well, and had all of the power and torque you would expect from such an iconic 60's muscle car. I couldn't have been more pleased. It was everything Jeri and Andrew said it was and more.

Needless to say, I bought the car (they even helped me arrange shipping) and I now look forward to many years of enjoyment with it for both myself and my family. I cannot overstate my appreciation for the professionalism and honesty of Jeri and Andrew at Drager's. They were straight forward and helpful from beginning to end. I would recommend Drager's international Classic Sales to anyone and everyone who might be in the market for that one of a kind classic or muscle car.



Hello Jeri, I have received the Mustang today. Thank you for the tee shirt , it’s nice. I hope to buy you another one someday. Have a nice day, Alain from france


Awesome! awesome service!! Bought a 1954 chevy 3100 pickup from Dragers.. it just arrived here in Hawaii. Let me tell you I couldn't be any happier. A big mahalo to Andrew and Jeri!!! If you looking for a classic car or truck here's your one stop shop!! Who knows I may be interested in another classic in the future.. aloha

Jason Cabilao


Hi Andrew and Jeri, Federal delivered the Greeves today to my families company Dubya USA and John had it loaded and to me in about 30 minutes. I couldn’t be more impressed on several fronts. Most important - the bike is even nicer than the pictures and I enjoyed a couple of hours just detailing an already clean bike. Please tell George that the Silverstone is worth every penny and I’m quite sure the nicest one in the world. Close second is the extra special treatment that I got from Drager’s International. You run one heck of a class organization and met or exceeded any expectations for customer service. I was well informed at every step of the way. Hope our paths cross again and I’ve attached an image of the bike in the museum for the detail session and will move it to its new home tomorrow - game room in the house and #14 in the house. Trust me…….big house (thanks to selling my company White Brothers and the wonderful motorcycle business) and the bikes work nicely in the home along with my wife’s amazing oil paintings. All the best, Tom White


I would like to say a big thank you to Andrew and Jeri Drager for such a fantastic SURVIVOR CAR and for making sure it was in tip top condition with your safety checks for the drive home.

The Cadillac is better than described and didn't disappoint, in fact it was a dream to drive the 90 miles from Southampton Docks to it's new home in Buckingham England. We haven't stopped smiling yet! 

Cheers. Jamie & Joelene



Joan and I went to the Pistons and Props show in Northamptonshire England on Sunday Sept. 28, 2014.  We met up with Jamie and Joelene at the show. It was great fun to meet them and their son Dylan. They gave us a ride back to the train in their Chevy van (with left hand drive on the "wrong" side of the road).  The Cadillac is not their first American car!  Thanks to Jamie and his family for their hospitality


Hi Jeri and Andrew Thank you from my heart for your excellent service and your great effort. To bring this dream car to Whitefish Bill and Mary could not believe it when you opened your trailer!! Jeri it is even better than in your video and I am totally delighted with my 1931 Oldsmobile You can use my name for reverence any time. MANY THANKS JOHN MACHIELSE

Dear Andrew, The car was delivered today. It looks great. It was a pleasure doing business with you. Sincerely, John

Jeri How odd. I'm actually dealing with a man of his Word! THANKS! Mike, Charlottesville, VA

Jeri, Andrew, I want to let you know that the Pick up truck arrived yesterday in Rotterdam. We have visited it and wow, what a beauty. It is a great vehicle. Thanks a lot for yet another great purchase. I spoke with the import company who recognized me from next year's Mustang import. They asked me where I got these outstanding vehicles so who knows.... maybe you ship more vehicles to this direction in the future. One question: On the website at the time I saw paperwork of what Brian had done with the vehicle restoration. Is that still available? I couldn't find it in the Truck. Thanks again both, and wishing you wonderful holidays and a succesful but most importang healthy 2014 for you and the Drager family. Regards, Sander

Hi Jeri, I love the Mustang. We married in that car last April and had a great day. Unfortuntaly it rained which kind of ruined the fact that we had the convertible but other than that, it was so great having this oldtimer for such a wonderful day. Thanks for your quick, open and honest answer on the pick-up. I like that. You are not a typical 'sales' person trying to make the most money out of a deal. You are fair and share all the details (pros and cons). I spoke to my dad and we are in love with this model. You are right, we are looking for Pick-ups for a long time but it is hart to find one in a great shape. Once you have the video, we really look forward seeing it. I have to admit however that $ 20,000 is somewhat over our limit but still... Thanks again Jeri and would appreciate if you can let me know when you will have the video ready for our review. Have a great day! Sander

Nice job on the mural. I am totally in love w 50 Olds. I also bought 36 Chrysler C-7 Airstream. Cabrolet with rubble seat. Went ahead and put new interior in it, touched up paint and turned up the new 360 Chrsyler engine. Number one car and got deal as they put at PS auctioin not Barretts. Only ten left in world. Olds still my favorite but it's close :) Hope all is well Rick

It's been 3 years this July 4th that I purchased my red 33 Ford coupe from you guys. Still having lots of fun and getting recognized everywhere I go. Actually it was delivered on July 4th. Thank You, Anthony, California

Hi Andrew, I was wondering if it would be possible to get a copy of the video and images you and your dad took of the Black 49 Chev that I bought from you. We really like the truck and like showing it off. Further, I have had a few inquiries about where we bought it and how the transaction went. I can't say enough about the great way you felt with me and have recommended you to my friends. I appreciate you looking into this if possible. Roy Thornton

Hi Jeri,

Firstly thanks again for a smooth transaction on the Burgundy 66 Mustang coupe. The car arrived a few weeks ago but was only released by Customs etc. on Wednesday. It's a nice car, fired right up and I was very happy with it. Secondly, thanks for answering Scott's query about it. I've known Scott for a little while and he had a very bad experience with a Mustang fastback he bought off ebay in the States a year or so back, it was a rusty heap and he got burned on it. I let him know about the car I bought from you before it got here and he had dibs on it. Needless to say, he's very happy with it! Happy ending. We'll get on top of the problem it has, I thought it may have been dirt in the carby but who knows - we'll get it sorted. If it sounds familiar and you have any tips great if not, no big deal. I check your website often for new stock that would be of interest, feel free to let me know about anything good in the pony cars/Camaros/mid 50s F100s etc., I'll always be interested in nice solid cars. And thanks for the T shirt! Best regards, Rick Dyball

Hi Jerry and Andrew.

My name is Scott Morrow. I`m from Perth, Western Australia and I`m the proud new owner of the gourgious Moroon(Burgany) 66 Mustang Coupe you sold a few months ago. Your detail in the video was very acurate, right down to the paint flaws and radio. I watched it a 100 times. Well, we now have this baby tucked up in her new home in Australia. I`ve taken her out for the last few days and have clocked up about 100 miles and she drives great. One thing though; Did you notice if you drove it for a bit in the heat and you put it in park or neutral then put it into drive or reverse it stops? Thanks again guys. Great car.................. Scott

Hello Jeri!

Just wanted you to know that this was the best looking 70 Mustang I have ever seen. My customer was very happy with it , even though we had to forward it to him in such a shitty weather....

I thrust you for your opinion on cars and will follow your website for future goodies.


Hi Jeri
Just let you now that the coupe arriewed today
And wow for a nice car,it is a real fine car
Thanks for good service and for your good way to be for me
Take care from Mikael Breiding

Mikael Breiding

We just got home from picking up the Mustang.  I don't like it, I love it!  Got in too late to drive much, but we will take it out tomorrow for a proper drive.  

Thanks for evetything.  I am sure I will be in touch.


Hi Andrew,

this is Holger......happy with the 51 Chevy PU........You know :-).
We now have driven about 200 miles with the truck and it runs great.
Everytime we use the truck all the people turn their heads and keep smiling and wave of their hands.

Now i have one question. I am looking fo an outer sunvisor like yours....above the windshield.
Could you please tell me how much is such a visor and how much would be the transportation with
fed-ex or so.

And.......i send you two pics i have taken with my phone. The first one my two babys in their garage
and the second one the truck with new signs of my company in old style look :-).

With best regards

Holger Gruß

Hi Jeri and Andrew
The 36 ford arrived this morning at 7 am and it looks great. It looks just
like you described in u tube. I had it out around the town in 30  degree  and it
runs very good. Im going to repaint it the same color and put kelsey hayes wire
wheels on it to look retro-mod. thanks again for great service.

Larry Clark

Hi Andrew,

Here's a couple of pic's of what i have done with the truck so far .took of all the diamond plate stuff ,added the black cover .the truck is a real hit at the local car cruisein"s runs and rides nice

Thank's again
Bill R

I just wanted to tell you that you walk around of the truck was excellent and I enjoyed the video very much! Awesome job I wish some of the other dealers would do the same type of walk around!

Dear Dragers,

last weekend I drive the Buick for the first time. IT IS REALLY THE MOST!!! We drive over 70 Miles and it runs so quietly and looks just beautiful.... as I espect, when I see it last automn on your homepage.

Thank you again , and for sure, if you ever plan to come to Switzerland (again), we would enjoy to welcome you as our guests..

Cheers, Wanda and Eddie

Dear Andrew, dear Jery,

HAMMER, Yippie yeah! The Buick has arrived at my homeplace yesterday
afternoon (on a very cold, snowy day, as usual in the last weeks)
AND best of all, everthing runs well and meets completely my expectations.
It really IS A STUNNER!!!!.

to bring this dream-car directly to my front-door, as I imagine in my wishful thinking!!!
AND thank you for all your DRAGER's Marketing stuff in the car!!!
You can take me as a reference customer, if you

So, if you ever plan to come to Switzerland (again), we would be happy to
invite you to be our guests, and we can show you some sides of Switzerland.... and you can see the Buick again!

kind regards
Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Hello Jeri & Andrew,

The woody made it here 12/24/11 befor noon. What a great Christmas!! I just purchased a dehumidifier for the garage even though it is a dry & heated building. The car is as nice as expected, no issues at all. Thank you both for all of your hard work getting it on a truck so quickly. We can't wait till April comes & we can take it out for the first drive. Please copy David on the photo.

Happy Holidays, 
Denny & Heather


I just bought a 1966 mustang coupe a week ago so I'm not currently looking for another one. BUT, I wanted to compliment you. I viewed your video on this car and was very impressed that you took the time to go over each and every detail. Coupled with the fact that you posted numerous pictures showing everything you can think of. This tells me you're an honest, straight forward seller! There's not many sellers/dealers willing to go to that extent! So, I just wanted to tell you that impressions are a big thing and I was extremely impressed to say the least! If I ever look to buy a car again, I assure you that you'll be the first person I will check with before I buy! Take care and merry Christmas!



After receiving my 1973 Honda I am totally delighted with my purchase.  I appreciate your in-depth description and video prior to my purchase.  
It is a beauty, and, my wife even loves it!

Many Thanks,
Ron Szerlong

Wow. You guys are great. Thanks Andrew.

     I smile every time I open my garage door and see the Tbird. I love it. If you have half as much fun around old cars as I do, you must love going to work every day.  Thanks again, and thanks for the t-shirt that was in the trunk when I got the car. That was a nice suprise.


Hello Jeri and Andrew,
Just wanted to write a BIG Thank You for all that you did to assist in getting the Mustang GT to Australia.
Your Description of the vehicle was 110% accurate and your service is 2nd to none!
I will wear the "Drager's" T shirt you sent in the trunk with Pride!

I would Highly Recommend anyone who intends to buy a car or bike, to consider your Quality Vehicles first before others as I would not Hesitate to buy from you again next time I am looking for a Classic Car.
I cannot give a higher rating to all the experience from start to finish.
I will recommend any Australian's or New Zealander's to take a look at your fine vehicles first, if they consider purchasing from the USA.

The Mustang will remain in my possession for many thrilling cruises to come, I am looking forward to many years of Fun.
When I next Visit Seattle I will make sure to drop in to shake your hands and have a coffee with you guy's.
Look me up if you come down under to Australia, I will take you for a ride in My Mustang!.

All The Very Best, "Keep On Cruising"!
Darren McClelland

I bought the 1936 Ford Coupe, first two pictures from Drager's 5 years ago.  I have given it a fresh look.  5 years and $25K in parts and material later it is nearly a show quality car.  I did all the work myself in my workshop from welding to painting. It was frame off re-do.  It has a mustang " front end with power rack and pinion, Power brakes and A/C.  The motor is a 69 Camaro 302 that was rebuilt, blueprinted and balanced.  The paint is close to the same.  It is a 1986 GM sunset Orange.  The car is absolutely gorgeous.  Just thought you might like to see the results.  Take Care
Marv Atkins

Dear Andrew/Gary,

I would like to thank both of you for your help and support, the car arrived and just today I got it licensed. The car is fantastic, I repaired A/C and the rear brake and now it is in a good operating condition for its age, the body work is very clean for its age, the engine compartment is very clean, engine is in good condition.

Thanks Guys for all your efforts. looking forward to work with you in another project.
Best Regards,


THANK YOU ... Thank You ... Thank You!!!  
I Love my 1970 Ford Mustang Convertible!  We've been tooling around in it and getting the Florida Sun!  I can't believe my wonderful husband kept it a secret for so long and even though it took a long time to get to me ...

It was Worth the Wait!  
What a Valentines Day Gift!

Jeri & Andrew,

Thank you again for selling our brother's car for us. It was kind of bittersweet selling it. Once again, I am very happy in your professionalism in selling the car.

I miss you guys. Not being in Shoreline and stopping to see Andrew and the museum. Your shop is truly filled with my kind of "stuff". Hopefully I was make it up there soon again for just pleasure. I appreciate all you have done for me.

Sincerely, Marty

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