Auto Model Name
Recreational Vehicle
Body Or Basic Color
Engine Size
460 V8
Transmission Type
4 Speed Automatic

1989 Chinook Concours Club Lounge 21' Motorhome. DGM7997. VIN 1FDKE30G3KHA87997. This is a clean well maintained mini motorhome. I look for these small motorhomes from time to time and I rarely come across Chinooks. When I do they ask a lot of money for them, in the $30,000 range and up. So the first thing I do is go in and smell, most of them are not clean and if they smell I leave. I'm looking for my own use and I don't want a smelly unit. I like them for traveling and heavy traffic and ease of parking. You can park this one anywhere. You have every thing you need, big refrigerator, microwave, stove top, shower and the big thing, the toilet. I like the set up with the table and 2 barrel chairs. The engine is the 460 V-8 with automatic overdrive transmission. Has a steering column mounted tach. Power windows. Outside has trailer hitch. Awning. Outside storage. Lots of tread on the tires. This is a low mileage motorhome. Speedo shows 53,033 miles and the Onan generator only shows 143 hours. My son, Andrew, has driven it the time to Eastern Washington about 500 miles to a motorcycle event. I think you will be hard pressed to find a better Chinook for the price. This Chinook is perfect for a couple or small family. As my dad mentioned I drove this motor home to Odessa, WA for the Desert 100 and it was great to have my own place for the weekend. I was recently taking photos of the underside and discovered a Jasper Engine tag. In 2009 the 460 engine was replaced by a Jasper engine at the cost of over $4,500(engine only, not install). I spoke with Jasper and they confirmed that a 460 matched that number that is on this engine. Jasper would not release any info about the engine because of confidentiality. I have since gone through the extensive receipts that we got with this motor home and I found the Jasper engine invoice. There is also a CarFax report from 2017 which didn't have anything negative reported. CarFax shows that this motorhome has been in Kingman AZ, Portland OR and now Washington. This Chinook has been well cared for over the years, the underside is an indication that it hasn't been abused. There is no oil or grease build up or dirt and grime which you can see in the photos. It appears that the exhaust system is fairly new too. There is also a storage area that someone added for leveling blocks with access on the driver's side. I plan on using it again soon unless someone buys it before I have the opportunity.


Engine Type
Engine Size
460 V8
Fuel Specification
91 Octane or below


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Auto Model Name
Recreational Vehicle


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Center Console

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